Postpartum Support + Mother Roasting

“The Art of truly caring for a postpartum mother lives in the delivery of the service. It’s a delicate touch, a soft voice, a healing hand, and a listening ear, and its the way the brush strokes of each of these, paints a picture of the mama after she has crossed the threshold from maiden to mother. This is a spiritual time that deserves reverence, humility, expert care, and warmth that enables the postpartum mama to truly heal and seal the birth process.” – Anni Daulter

For my doula certification, I had to read a book called Mothering the New Mother. In that book there was a particular section about how people in other cultures honor the new, postpartum mother. She is celebrated and taken care of so very well, whereas often here, in one of the most “civilized” countries in the whole world, the first thing people want to ask new mothers is “so, when are you going back to work?”

I recognize that this postpartum period is sacred for both mother and baby. For the birthing person, it is a powerful transition from maiden to mother, and even if she has already had a child (or several) each birth is still its own transition, a rite of passage, a metaphorical death and rebirth. The infant is also in a sacred transition as they adjust from womb to world.

I bow in reverence to all that the new mother has just experienced and accomplished as she brought her new baby earthside. Because of this, the support that I provide runs deeper than offering infant care, housework, and meals. Although those are absolutely ALL a part of the service I provide, my highest priority is honoring the mother through ceremony, ritual, and deep spiritual, emotional and physical nurturing. According to traditional Chinese medicine, during pregnancy the state of a mother’s energetic body is hot. During birth, all of the heat that has been accumulating throughout pregnancy is released, tipping the mother into a cool state of being. Mother Roasting serves to aid the mother in bringing her energetic body back into alignment by gently reintroducing heat into the body.  I support mama physically by providing her nourishing home cooked meals inspired by the Ayurvedic tradition and various hand-crafted, herbal goodies for postpartum support including tinctures, salves, infused oils, herbal sitz baths, and vaginal steam blends, as well as other services to help facilitate the recovery process including belly binding, and abdominal hot stone press. Spiritually and Emotionally I will support the mother through witnessing her birth story if she chooses to share, as well as honoring the space she is in through various ceremonial practices including a mother & baby blessing, placenta honoring & blessing, a sacred sealing ceremony to honor the closing of the birth portal, and preparing ritual baths. If you are interested in learning more about my services please don’t hesitate to contact me.