The Purpose Of Ceremony + Ritual 

First, I recommend watching this video of how a sealing ceremony may look, done by the beautiful Mother Roaster Marta Willis from New Zealand. I LOVE carrying out ceremony and rituals, they have become an integral part of my life over the last couple of years and have played a major role in my own spiritual journey and my journey of healing. As a matter of fact, I love them and swear by them so much that my Capstone Project, which I completed last Fall, is all about the use of ritual specifically with the intent of healing and releasing trauma. In my work I go in depth on how ritual works on a subconscious level, speak on specific examples and case studies, and talk about my own experience using this practice for healing and caring for my own psycho-spiritual well-being. If your interested in more about my Capstone Project, you can reach out to me and I would be happy to share it with you! Through the process of my work, I have come to define ritual as a combination of our time, symbolic action, presence, and intention. Ceremonies can contain any combination of symbolic rituals. Ceremony is a tangible, physical way to acknowledge that which is happening on the metaphysical level. A great modern day example of this would be having a party and a huge fireworks display at midnight on New Year’s Eve. This ritual of having an elaborate fireworks display and gathering all of your friends and family, maybe even sharing in (with consent) kisses at midnight, tangibly marks the transition into the new year, the start of a new beginning and a new phase of life. Birthdays, weddings, and funerals are some other universal examples. In my humble opinion, birth and the transition into motherhood are two of the most significant events one will experience in their life… this definitely warrants special attention, and marking these transitions through ceremony and ritual seems more than appropriate in helping the mother navigate these waters and process their experience. The Mother Blessing Ceremonies that I offer are inspired by the Blessingway Ceremonies of the Navajo peoples. Through rituals and activities that honor each mother’s specific spiritual, cultural and religious beliefs, they serve the purpose of creating a container of love and support around the birthing person as they prepare to go on the birth journey and transition into motherhood. For each babe that is born, a mother is also born. It doesn’t matter if it’s one’s first baby or tenth, each pregnancy, birth and motherhood journey that we experience has fruits and lessons for us to bear and will involve parts of ourselves that are no longer serving our highest good dying out, and new part of ourselves being born. The Postpartum Sealing Ceremony that I offer is loosely inspired by the “Closing of the Bones” ceremonies practiced in traditional Mexican midwifery.  This ceremony, as well as other postpartum services that I offer serve the purpose of sealing the mother’s birth journey, closing the physical and energetic doorways that had been blown open during birth, so that they can embark on their motherhood journey from a grounded and centered space. For more information on this topic, I highly recommend episode 3 of Kimberly Ann Johnson’s podcast MAGAMAMA, titled Layla Centorrino, the Artemis Woman, on Chakras and Energetics of Childbirth and Postpartum.