What You Can Expect From My Birth Doula Support

So you’re considering hiring me as your doula, but you want more details on what exactly it is that I have to offer you and what that might look like… let’s explore that!

Your Prenatal Visits – We will meet twice during your pregnancy for approximately two hours each visit. At some point after signing your contract, you will have received an awesome “Preparing for birth” workbook, this is a wonderful tool that we will utilize throughout your pregnancy as you get ready for your upcoming birth. We will discuss your desires and create a plan for how to best carry out the birth that you are envisioning. We will also discuss what you and your partner may experience physically, mentally and emotionally during your birth and postpartum period and how we can navigate through those waters, and we will explore the different comfort measures that you may decide you want utilized during your birth from various Rebozo techniques to therapeutic touch, essential oils, and more, as well as help you build your list of community resources from Lactation Consultants to Accupuncturists, Therapists, Chiropractors, Pediatricians, and any other professionals or support structures you may desire to have in place.

During Your Birth РI will support you during your birth from the time that you call and feel ready for me to come to you. I provide continuous support until you and your new baby are comfortable and ready to spend some time bonding as a new family. My support during birth may, depending on your desires, include therapeutic touch, utilization of the Rebozo, recommendations on labor positions and movement, essential oils, emotional support for you and your partner, facilitating conversations between you and your care providers to encourage that your decisions are continuing to be respected and your right to informed consent is being honored, and of course preserving the sacredness of the space and being a gatekeeper for you as you navigate the world of birth.

Postpartum Visits – For the postpartum visits in my birth doula packages, I will meet with you twice for approximately two hours. During these visits I will gift you with a special journal where I will encourage you to reflect on your birth experience (I especially LOVE the prompts from Kimberly Johnson’s book The Fourth Trimester), I can assist with breastfeeding or refer you to a local IBCLC if further assistance is needed, I can also help take care of the baby so you can get some much needed rest or a hot, uninterrupted shower, and aid in light housekeeping such as laundry, dishes, and meal preparation. These visits are really tailored to the needs of each individual mother.

*If you are looking for ceremonial honoring and additional postpartum support, please see my additional postpartum services*

This introductory blog post barely scratches the surface, so if you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to contact me or schedule a free consultation!