Events –

Free/donation based events are one of the ways that I like to give back to my community. For more information on upcoming events, you can follow Sacred Transitions Nola on Instagram and subscribe to my newsletter! Some of the events I like to facilitate include: 

Village Prenatals –

Inspired by Elder Midwife Sister Morningstar, these gatherings are a space for expectant mothers to come together to be witnessed and honored on their sacred journey, to be pampered, and to be nourished on the physical, mental and spiritual levels. Fresh herbal tea and snacks are always provided and discussion and activities may vary depending on the gathering, but for example may include making art representative of our dream pregnancy and birth experience or sharing powerful birth stories.

Postpartum Mama Meetups –

These gatherings are for parents and their babies, we encourage you to show up exactly as you are as we chat about the challenges and triumphs of the postpartum period as well as explore ways that we can get the most out of our fourth trimester. Fresh herbal tea and snacks will always be provided and activities may include something like pulling cards from the mother’s wisdom deck, journaling together and sharing our thoughts and experiences of parenthood.

Birth Trauma Support Circles –

*please note these circles are not a replacement or alternative to therapy* this is a space for anyone who has experienced birth trauma to come togehter and share our stories, to honor and hold space for one another through our healing journeys. I believe there is so much power in having a supportive community during our healing processes. Fresh herbal tea and snacks will always be provided.

New + Full Moon Circles –

These gatherings are a place to come together to honor the moons cyclical rhythm of death and rebirth and how it reflects to our own natural rhythms and cycles. Fresh herbal tea and snacks will always be provided and activities include discussing the astrology of the current moon cycle, setting intentions for new moons or holding a release ceremony for full moons, and pulling oracle cards.